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Toast Notification

Beautiful animated notification made with sonner, framer-motion & tailwind.

Mar, 2023

Get started

To implement this clean looking button component, I have used Typescript, React, TailwindCSS and creativity. To make sure, I have used NextJS to build this project, so the file structuing has been set accordind to that.

Firsly, create a file components/CreateToast.tsx.

Installing Dependencies

npm i sonner framer-motion

Creating custom toast component

Here we are creating notification component and customizing options. Customize styling according to your theme or requirements.

const CreateToast = ({
}: CreateToastProps) => {

// custom toast component
const Toast = (
    <div className={`overflow-hidden shadow-md text-white relative cursor-default flex flex-col gap-1 bg-orange-500 p-4 rounded-[20px] w-full`}>

        {/* toast heading */}
        <h1 className="text-base font-semibold select-none">{heading}</h1>

        {/* toast message */}
        <p className="text-xs select-none">{message}</p>

        {/* animated close button */}
            onClick={() => toast.dismiss(id)}
            className="absolute top-4 right-4 group w-5 flex justify-center">

            {/* close button strokes */}
            <span className="w-[2px] rounded-full h-4 bg-white relative border duration-300 group-hover:rotate-[90deg] rotate-45"></span>
            <span className="w-[2px] rounded-full h-4 bg-white absolute top-0 duration-300 group-hover:rotate-[90deg] rotate-[-45deg]"></span>

        {/* duration animated line */}
        {duration && (
                initial={{ width: 0 }}
                animate={{ width: '100%' }}
                transition={{ duration: duration }}
                className={`h-1 w-full bg-white absolute bottom-0 left-0`}

    // creating random id for each toast
    const id = Math.random() * 1000;

    // optional changes for toast
    const toastOptions = {
        id: id,
        duration: duration ? duration * 1000 : 3000,

        // overriding default toast style
        style: {
            border: 'none',
            boxShadow: 'none',
            height: 'auto',
            padding: 0,
            background: 'rgba(249, 115, 22, 0.1)', // stack effect or container background
            borderRadius: '20px',

    return toast(Toast, toastOptions);

Adding Toaster to project

<Toaster /> will render all toast notifications when the function is call.

I am adding this to _app.tsx so that it can render toast notification in complete project.

import { Toaster } from 'sonner';

export default function App({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
return (

        {/* added */}
        <Toaster />

        <Component {...pageProps} />

Creating button to render notification

Now to call this function let's first import function using import CreateToast from components\CreateToast and then use CreateToast to create toast notofication.

    export default function Home() {

        const Toast = () => {

            heading: 'Account created',
            message: (
                    Account created successfully. Visit developer's website for more info 👉<a href="/" target="_blank" className="underline">here</a>
            duration: 6

        return (
                {/* other jsx code */}

                <button onClick={() => Toast()} className='bg-orange-500 select-none text-white px-4 py-2 rounded-full hover:bg-orange-500/80 duration-150 flex items-center gap-2'>
                    Create toast