👋 Hey, I am Kartik

Passionate developer and designer

19, he/him

about me.

I am passionate developer who loves to build real world applications with professional design and deep diving into different technologies. I made my first open-source contribution in Jan 2023 in Supabase. Further I aim to build projects that solves real problem and provides high quality user experience.

I am currently open for full-time engineering roles, which involves user interface and experience design, frontend development, fullstack development and open-source projects.

A collaborative team of engineers and designers, who are building great products. Interested in working together? Feel free to reach out!


worked as.

fullstack developer & UI design Intern, Medref

at, medref.in

May, 2023 - Jul, 2023

  • Lead the technical team for Frontend, Backend & App development while developing the product from scratch. I Also designed Database and application architecture for the product.
  • Using Javascript,Typescript React, NextJS, TailwindCSS, Django, Postman, Supabase for building the project.


Twitter Clone

📥 Archived

  • Twitter Clone app including major features like tweet, like, comment, follow/unfollow, Authentication and protected actions.
  • Building complete database using Supabase.
category: frontend,database,design

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